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Winston Salem is much more than just a college town, and if you're a foodie, you should have it 100% on your radar. As diverse as the region's population is, it's also one of North Carolina's best-kept culinary secrets, not to mention it won't be long before you find out. Winston - The food landscape in Salem, from local restaurants to local wineries, is as diverse as the population, so a wine list is a must-see. With the local North Carolinians on the ground North Carolina Winery with more than 200 wines (with more than 50 Italian wines), the wine lists are for restaurants that discover and expand your palate.

Moravian ginger biscuits are available in the Winkler bakery, and the tour of the food factory is exciting, visitors can watch how the cookies are rolled and cut by hand. Make sure to try Moravian chicken pie in the tavern, where you can taste it with a glass of wine and a plate of biscuits. A visit to Hanes' Bakery, one of North Carolina's oldest bakeries, is just that and more, as the couple Hanes will let you roll or cut biscuits during your tour.

Should you not include Winston-Salem in your upcoming itinerary, but not be annoyed if you can't make the trip to Winston-Salem soon? All of the above bakeries are shipping their products, and we currently have a limited number of them available for purchase in North Carolina.

If you ever go shopping in Stratford Village, head to Nawab's to enjoy some of the delicious Indian lunches and dinners you'll be eating in Winston. Not only is there the best Indian food in Winston-Salem, but also the sweet staff who do everything to make your meal more enjoyable.

Of course Indian food is more popular in the US, but I have always struggled to find a good restaurant like this. Even if you prefer Italian or Chinese cooking, southern cuisine is still the heart of Winston-Salem cuisine. This must-eat restaurant in Winston-Salem features some of North Carolina's best Southern cuisine and a wide selection of craft beers.

I think this restaurant in Winston-Salem is just the beginning of your food adventure, and it's never hard to find a convenient location. You should come to Camel City because there are so many great restaurants in the area, but you should also join us as we have some of the best craft beers in North Carolina as well as some great food. If you bring your family, friends or even a small group of friends to Winston-Salem, you will know that you will never be hungry after eating at this establishment. This bar offers a wide selection of craft beers, wines, spirits, cocktails, food and more.

There's Carolina Pullman, which is covered in a variety of meats, such as pork ribs, chicken, pork chops and even pork belly.

Be sure to visit Artivity on the Green, which is home to one of the most popular restaurants in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner with friends.

Built in the 19th century and popular in the region, the Winkler bakery on the map remained in operation until 1926 and was restored in 1968 as part of the Alte Salem Museums and Gardens. Kickback Jack's offers great food, drinks and fun and its menu is unlike any other sports bar in Winston-Salem. Where to try it: The Hops has taken the all-encompassing American classic burger from locations in Greensboro and Winston Salem to the next level - and won.

If you don't make it to the restaurant quickly but you do, we highly recommend it - it is one of the best restaurants in Winston-Salem with a wide range of food and excellent service. Mozelle's is supported by a generous donation of $1,000 a month from the local community, so it's an extra touch. The organization is a volunteer organization that provides food, clothing, shelter, education and other services to children and families in and around Winston Salem on weekends.

Many of our readers know that we organize a weekly food tour, where our guests experience the diverse food scene here. So think of a better way to visit all 6 of these Winston - Salem restaurants in less than 3 hours than meeting up in a cafe for a Segway tour. This guide to where to eat in Winston Salem is a great source of activities in and around Winston Salem and for traveling in Central North Carolina.

Downtown Winston - Salem is within walking distance and most of the places we visited were within walking distance of our hotel. It took us a little over 3 hours to drive from Charlottesville to Winston Salem, so the traffic was a breeze and we didn't need a car to drive.

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