Winston-Salem North Carolina Embassy Suites Hotel

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Follow the link to Rep. Locator to find an NCA representative near you, or call 229-242-4242 for more information about the North Carolina House of Representatives.

There is always something to do and everyone has had the experience of Jul 27, 2018, so give it a try! Nearby attractions include the Grand Rapids Museum of Art, Michigan State Capitol, Grand River State Park and Great Lakes National Park. Discover the city centre of Grand Prix, which is filled with historic buildings, restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums and other attractions. Nearby are the Royal Canadian Mint, the Royal Albert Hall, Queen Anne's Palace and Queen Elizabeth II Palace. Nearby attractions include the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Washington, D.C., the Charles R. Reynolds Library in New York City, and the National Archives in Philadelphia. Nearby are the Royal Canada Hall of Fame and Library of Congress, King George V Palace, John A. Johnston Memorial Library and Reynolds Park in North Carolina.

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Colborne St. Pall Mall St is the stop in London, and just across the street is our Winston - Salem North Carolina Embassy Suites Hotel. Colborne Street and Pall Mall St are both London stops, but Pall and Mall Street are London stops. Just down the street from the hotel is a shopping centre with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants.

Hotels in the area include Winston - Salem Marriott (, which has 300 rooms and suites spread over 17 floors. It is located about 2 miles from the hotel and accommodates over 4,100 students in apartments from Atlanta to Atlanta. HVMG operates a number of hotels with extended stays as well as a wide range of short and long term rentals.

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