Winston-Salem North Carolina Homewood Suites

Perfect for a family and friends gathering, this luxurious hideaway on Lake Normandy is located in Cornelius, NC. Welcome to this luxurious home in the heart of beautiful Norman Lake North Carolina, just a few miles from the town of Norman, with hiking and biking parks, hiking trails, restaurants and grocery stores. This beautifully decorated two-bedroom, one-bathroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom house, covering an area of 1,500 square feet, is located on a private island in a beautiful lake, with access to hiking trails, bike paths, parking and restaurants, as well as a grocery store. It is in an ideal place for family, friends and friends of friends and is a perfect place for a weekend retreat.

The Mancave private rental is within 5 minutes of 40 of I-77, turn left at the roundabout and then take the first exit and stay on Old Dowd Rd until the roundabout. For short or long term stays in Vrbo, you can turn right onto the street and park in the hotel parking lot.

Starting January 14, 2021, you will be owned anywhere in the Winston-Salem North Carolina homeowner lawsuit against the City of Winston Salem.

There are white water rafting and waterfall tours, and there is Lake Norman State Park, which also offers kayaking, biking, hiking and more for nature lovers. Thee is located in a beautiful cottage on the shores of Lake Normandy and is a great destination for kayaks, rafts, mountain bikers, canoeing and canoeing boats, kayaking trips, waterfalls and much more.

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This is the Piedmont region of North Carolina, located just a few miles from Raleigh, NC and Raleigh.

Homes offers quality apartments and vacation rentals in various locations from Atlanta to Atlanta. The Southern Charm Holiday offers 52 apartments and condominiums to discover and book. Within walking distance of parks, hiking trails, restaurants and grocery stores, Airbnb is located just a few miles from the town of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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From Charlotte Douglas International Airport, keep right to continue on Old Dowd Rd., and keep right as you continue on this road to Winston - Salem.

The company's main address is bebe on the corner of Old Dowd Rd. , Winston - Salem, N.C., North Carolina, USA. The registered agent registered for the Company is Sheetz, Jessica May, and is located in the same building as the above address, on the right side of the building, in front of a large brick building on North Main Street in Winston, NC, United States of America.

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