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Sitting in the taperia of the foothills brewery is one of my favorite weekend pursuits in Winston-Salem at this time of year, especially when the season is just running. The North Carolina Museum of Natural History and the Winston Salem Convention and Visitors Bureau are some of the funniest and most free things to do in the city during the holiday season when it's in full swing.

The organisation runs a gallery and shop, runs workshops and organises events for children and adults. The museum offers a membership that grants you and your family access to all the museum's collections as well as a range of special events and events.

The museums and gardens of the Old Salem Gardens also offer a wide range of restaurants and shops to visit. Several places to visit, including a museum tour with furniture making, bakeries and more, as well as a series of workshops on life and work in the early South.

We know there are many more parks and open spaces, but we would love to know your favorites. If you find this location interesting, make sure you visit Winston-Salem today and experience the amazing American history while having a lot of fun!

We mentioned these options because Winston-Salem is brimming with recreational and educational goals. As we were busy with some of the weekend activities in Winston Salem, we realized that it really is a city for everyone.

Founded in 1766, Winston-Salem is a very ancient city with a rich history and a number of historical destinations that can help you learn more about the history of the city, its people and its history. For those who love to admire old houses, the museums and gardens of the Old Salem are a collection of carefully restored houses and buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. There is one city in the state that has such a unique blend of history and gardens.

Today, the Piedmont Trinity City is known as a growing center of creativity and innovation, but it also houses galleries and workshops run by local artists. Winston - Salem continues its rich craftsmanship tradition around the old Salem, and the Nature Exploration Center features a variety of craftsmen, craftsmen and craftsmen, as well as an art museum. The history of the industrial city, founded in 1913 by what is now OldSalem, is on display in the exhibition "Old Salem and the Industrial Revolution in North Carolina.

The Stevens Center is a magnificently restored neoclassical theater, and the gallery is located on the campus of Winston-Salem State University. The gallery features a large exhibition space dedicated to the history of art in North Carolina, as well as a variety of artworks by local artists. It features works by local and national artists from the past, present and future, and hosts a wide range of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and events.

Since its foundation, the museum's educational role has expanded greatly to the communities of Winston-Salem and Triad. If you want to spend a nice getaway in Winston Salem, there are two other options for you. The Salem Museums and Gardens are located on the northwest edge of the city, where visitors can explore the area while learning about the cultural significance of Winston, Salem. On the northern edge, near the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 85, is the Northwest Rim of Winston-Salem, home to one of North Carolina's oldest and most prestigious museums.

In winter you can go to the park where the whole family can play a ball and learn about the history of Winston-Salem and the triad in general.

If you want to take your children to a fun and educational place, the Winston-Salem Children's Museum is an excellent choice. You can contact us for more information about the Children's Museum and other local museums in the Triad.

For more information on where to stay in the Old North State, visit North Carolina Travel & Tourism for a complete list of hotels, restaurants and hotels in Winston-Salem and the Triad.

Below is a list of special exhibitions and events that visit the SciWorks Children's Museum in Winston-Salem. Plan your time around the Sunday arts shows, and if you do the same, there are some other places to watch. If you're looking for weekend activities in and around Winston-Salem, you should check out the events that take place all year round.

Parents and younger visitors should visit the Winston-Salem Children's Museum, where you will find exciting exhibits aimed at younger people. Tickets generally cost $15, but if you opt for a guided tour or visit another building, the price may change. Enjoy special events at the SciWorks Children's Museum, such as the Science Museum of North Carolina, which is available for adults from $10, children from $5 and children under 5 from $3.

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More About Winston-Salem