Winston-Salem North Carolina Restaurants

As a college student, it is almost a necessity to know the pros and cons of the city outside the city. After a whole semester of late-night living, I became a professional at exploring local restaurant choices.

One of the best ways to experience a restaurant is to visit one of the many fast and casual restaurants in Winston-Salem. Lunch is quick and casual, while dinner focuses on more traditional dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, salads and sandwiches.

At IHOP, you can eat relatively healthy if you keep portion control, but you have to order smartly. If you are sitting in the dining room for at least one evening, come in early and get out late. You are more likely to eat healthier than you think if you adjust to it.

The fast food-like menu offers a restaurant atmosphere 24 hours a day for hungry college students. Mozelle pulls out all the stops for weekend brunches and weekend brunches, but don't miss the wine list. With more than 200 wines from local North Carolina wineries and more than 50 Italian wines, this is the restaurant where you can discover and expand your palate.

This guide, which describes where to eat in Winston-Salem, is a comprehensive list of activities in and around Central North Carolina. Let us know if there are any places we # ve missed or places You'll be trying to miss out in the comments below.

For Tex-Mex, Porch serves burritos with chips and chicken - stuffed poblanos, tacos, quesadillas and more. Sweet Potatoes is located in the heart of the Downtown Arts District and is the only restaurant in North Carolina named after the state's vegetables.

The steak is seasoned and fried to give it a nice, crisp appearance, while remaining aromatic and juicy on the inside. Fratelli is more than just an incredible steak with homemade lasagna, pasta and other dishes, and all ingredients come directly from Italy to ensure authenticity. Made to serve wood - baked Napoletana - style pizza, all prepared in-house and served with the best of both worlds: fresh, local ingredients and a great atmosphere.

You can order online or you can grab it at the counter, access and access, and decide on a need or hunger for food.

Add to the cosy, intimate ambience and you # Ve has the perfect place for a casual dinner or an intimate dinner party with friends and family. You can grab a cocktail that has been expertly prepared, or you can pick it up at the counter, have access to and access to it and grab it.

The menu is short and simple, but what comes from the kitchen is full of love and crispy goodness. Start your meal with a plate of freshly fried pork and a side of crispy pork belly, and come in, you know what you want.

You can choose between 6, 8 or 12 ounces burgers, but do not forget to leave room for one of the specialties of the place. Enjoy a few burgers and think again, because there's nothing wrong with grilled ham, pulled pork and a side of chips.

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