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High Point in North Carolina offers a lot to see and do, and many things the team can do during your visit. Whether you prefer a visit to Winston-Salem or a trip to Charlotte or Raleigh, there is plenty to do and see.

While most of the old Salem is outside, you can drive through and get in through various sections and visit the buildings and museums inside. You could easily spend a whole day visiting several places, but there are also many ways to go for a walk of just an hour or so. Attractions in Winston-Salem include Old Town Hall, Old Town Hall and the Salem Museum of Art and History. Sights include a walking museum with furniture making, bakeries and more, and a museum of history.

We hope this list of Winston - Salem activities has piqued your interest in visiting, and we hope it contains some of the best things you need to know about Winston Salem before you move here. Keep your eyes open and experience all the fun things we did in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point. Next time your team heads to the area, check out the top 30 things to do in North Carolina, and learn a few more of our favorite places to visit and some good tips for activities in and around Winston and Salem.

Winston - Salem - Thematic gifts, clothing and clothing, as well as a wide selection of food and beverages. This place is just a few blocks from downtown and a short drive from downtown Greensboro and High Point.

In downtown Winston - Salem, you can take a guided tour of the museum and gardens of Old Salem to see how it was made from start to finish. From there you can look around and watch a short video or do a tour or do a tour yourself. Dave & Busters took it to the extreme at the Hanes Mall in Winston Salem. Within a few blocks you will find an art studio, art gallery and art shop, which is the perfect place to search for souvenirs from your visit to Winston Salem.

Less than an hour from Greensboro and Winston-Salem, Hanging Rock State Park is the best hiking trail in the Triad area. Baseball is made for daylight saving time, and you can try some of the best baseball games of the triad, such as the Blue Jays, Red Sox, Yankees and Tigers. The best starting point for your visit are the sights of Winston Salem, which provide a good basis for the history of the region. It is a good place to explore new places and share experiences with family, friends, colleagues - staff or even the visiting team.

The valley is a place where you can go on various wine tours and tastings, enjoy delicious food and buy wine, beer and food.

The top rated retirement community in Winston-Salem is just minutes away from all the fun activities. Lake Salem is located about a minute away in downtown Winston Salem and offers a variety of activities including swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, canoeing, hiking and much more. The city's top cinema and its location make it close to restaurants and shopping, making the movie the centerpiece of a full day of activities. This is a great place to be with friends, family, friends of friends and even friends from all over the world.

North Carolina also prides itself on the quality of its higher education, and Winston-Salem is home to five colleges and universities, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the College of William and Mary and UNC - Charlotte. Salem College was founded in 1772 as a Moravian village and all the students attended classes. The museums and gardens of the Old Salem Gardens have been restored by local volunteers for the dilapidated old school museum, run by locals and volunteers.

While we did not spend our second day in Old Salem, our plan was to visit one of the museums in Winston - Salem. We were able to visit the museum and the old school museum, as well as the new museum, which showed us even more how Winston-Salem absorbs the new while honoring the older. The volunteers and staff of these museums share a wealth of knowledge about Winston Salem and we found it very rewarding to talk to them. A stay there would be enough to extend our time in Winston and Salem to maximize our opportunities to experience all the fun things that can be done in the city.

We were thrilled to meet Clark and his family as well as the staff of the old school museum and the new museum in Old Salem.

In fact, Winston-Salem has a second location that is more of a science museum, the Science Museum of North Carolina in Old Salem. SciWorks, Winston Salem is a fun place for kids and adults, especially for kids of all ages. They have a children's museum and offer hands-on activities for the children, with the Magic Forest at the centre of the science, technology, technology and mathematical education (STEM). The sciences also have an exhibition that teaches visitors the history and history of mankind in the United States and the origins of life on earth.

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More About Winston-Salem